Simple Carbs  -  (Bad Carbs)

simple CHO.jpeg

The consumption of simple carbohydrates is the main reason why many people are overweight. It is best to only indulge in these once in a while in order to avoid weight gain, and other possible health complications. A list of simple carbs that should be eaten very rarely are:

  1. Foods made using white flour eg. cakes, muffins, doughnuts or pies

  2. White rice

  3. Dairy-based foods eg. ice-creams, puddings, chocolate milk or yogurt, cheese.

  4. Artificially flavoured fruit products eg. Kool-Aid, frozen juice bar, jello or pop-tarts

  5. Sugar and other sweeteners eg. molasses, corn syrup and honey

  6. Sodas and sweetened juices or teas

  7. Sweetened cereals

  8. Cut these simple carbohydrates out of your diet now and you will notice the difference in how you look and feel in just a short period of time.