We Offer Cash Visit Packages at Discounted Rates to Patients Who Are:

  • Low Income AND don’t meet the Medi-Cal requirements
  • Patients that Have lost their Medi-Cal eligibility
  • Are uninsured for other reasons


Cash Visit Package Rates Can Be Arranged As:

PER VISIT PAYMENT PLAN - Paid  on each visit

  • Are bases on the total number of visits per year
  • Rates vary depending on number of chronic illnesses

MEMBERSHIP PLAN - Monthly OR Quarterly Payment Plan 

  • Continuous Staff and MD involvement in care plan
  • Chronic Medication refills without office visit
  • All Problems addressed by telephone and at the visits
  • Short visit scheduling for urgent needs
  • Flexible appointment scheduling for chronic illnesses
  • In Office Blood Draws
  • Urine testing for infection and pregnancy
  • Visual acuity screening

TO CANCEL MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP PLAN:  Please inform us 30 days prior to your next Payment due date and Stop your payment from your Bank Account. NO REFUNDS will be made to any payments made prior to the cancellation date.


  • In-House Services:
    • Electrocardiogram (EKG)         
    • Breathing Treatment               
    • Dermatological procedures      
    • Additional paperwork              
    • Hearing screening                   
    • Medication Injections    
  • Send-out Services:  Lab and Imaging orders


We Prepare The Following Types of Non-Covered Paperwork: 

  • DMV Disabled Placards forms requiring medical records review. 
  • Diagnostic letters requiring physician signature.
  • Simple forms requiring physician signature.
  • Gain program school/work certification requiring review of medical records 
  • General Relief disability forms requiring review of medical records.
  • Health Certification for School/Work requiring review of medical records
  • EDD Employment Disability form requiring review of medical records 
  • Caregiver Certification forms requiring review of medical records.
  • US Citizenship N-400 form certification requiring evaluation of disease status. 
  • Other Disability forms requiring medical examination and assessment of disability limitations 

All forms are to be completed as non-covered services outside of office visits will be charged administrative fees, and must be paid in full by cash or credit card prior to completion. Allow 5-10 business days to complete.