We Offer Cash Visit Packages at Discounted Rates to Patients Who Are:

  • Low Income AND don’t meet the Medi-Cal requirements

  • Patients that Have lost their Medi-Cal eligibility

  • Are uninsured for other reasons


Cash Visit Package Rates Can Be Arranged As:


  • Regular Individual Visit

MEMBERSHIPS PLAN - Paid Annually ($500/year) or Semi-Annually ($250.00) 

  • Continuous Staff and MD involvement in care plan

  • Chronic Medication refills without office visit

  • All Problems addressed by telephone and at the visits

  • Short Urgent Walk-in visit (1 visits per 6 months)

  • MD consult Unscheduled visits (1 visit per 6 months)

  • Flexible appointment for chronic illnesses ( 2 visits per 6 months)

  • In Office Blood Draws

  • Urine testing for infection and pregnancy

  • Visual acuity screening

CANCELLATION OF MEMBERSHIP PLAN:  NO REFUNDS will be made to any payments made prior to the cancellation date.


  • In-House Services:

    • Electrocardiogram (EKG)

    • Breathing Treatment

    • Dermatological procedures

    • Additional paperwork

    • Hearing screening

    • Medication Injections

  • Send-out Services: Lab and Imaging orders


We Prepare The Following Types of Non-Covered Paperwork: 

  • DMV Disabled Placards forms requiring medical records review.

  • Diagnostic letters requiring physician signature.

  • Simple forms requiring physician signature.

  • Gain program school/work certification requiring review of medical records

  • General Relief disability forms requiring review of medical records.

  • Health Certification for School/Work requiring review of medical records

  • EDD Employment Disability form requiring review of medical records

  • Caregiver Certification forms requiring review of medical records.

  • US Citizenship N-400 form certification requiring evaluation of disease status.

  • Other Disability forms requiring medical examination and assessment of disability limitations

All forms completed as non-covered services outside of covered office visits will be charged administrative fees, and must be paid in full by cash or credit card prior to completion. Allow 5-10 business days to complete.