Our Geriatric Medicine is focused in the unique health needs of the Elderly including: Primary care, Chronic diseases, Cognitive loss, Memory impairment, Behavioral Health, Skin disorders, Medication side effects, Gait abnormality, with Primary Goal of maintaining Seniors' well-being and independence at home in their community. 

We do these by maintaining Seniors’ functional status and monitoring of chronic diseases by keeping them stable and controlled, along with our Case Management department having trained Care Coordinators who are ready to address every Seniors’ issue over the phone and in person, saving unnecessary travel time, arranging transportation to scheduled office visits, ordering medical supplies, as well as helping providers with wellness exams and other geriatric tests.

We encourage all our Seniors and their Family Members to contact our office for any advice including health plan enrollment, and we will be happy to provide the best possible service or answer per your individual needs.


Geriatric Senior Care:

  • Assessment of DME supplies needs

  • Evaluation of Activities of Daily Living (ADL's)

  • Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL's)

  • Dementia Evaluation and Treatment

  • Depression Screening and Treatment

  • Chronic Care Management (see list)

  • Elderly medication dosing

  • Geriatric assessment

  • Annual Wellness Exams

  • Frailty Evaluation

  • Fall Risk Assessment

  • Time Up and Go test

  • Functional Reach test

  • Pain Scale PEG-3 evaluation

  • Nutritional Assessment

  • Alcohol Dependence Screening

  • Hearing test (audiometry)

  • Preventive Medicine counseling

Chronic Care Management

  • Address urgent chronic care needs

  • Continuity of care visits with team member

  • Medical, physical, psychological assessments

  • Preventive care services recommendations

  • Medication list verification

  • Monitoring of treatment compliance

  • Coordination of care with home providers

  • Coordination of care with community providers

  • Communication using secure messaging

  • Referral to other clinicians

  • Follow-ups after ER visits

  • Follow-ups after Urgent Care visits

  • Follow-ups after Hospital Discharge

  • Creation of care plan by provider

  • Medication side effects monitoring

  • Medication self-management oversight