• For Insured patients, Copays will be collected at the visit, and Billing Claims will be sent to your insurance. Any unpaid Remaining Balance owed by you can be paid at Our Online Store, or by calling our office. You will either receive and invoice or a phone call from us notifying you of your remaining balance.

  • For uninsured patients, all Fees must be paid in full prior to your office visit. See our rates at Our Online Store.

  • If you are interested in Multiple Visit Package Rates, see our 6 months and 12 months rates at Our Online Store.


Established patients - Pay at OUR ONLINE STORE

New patients - Payment Methods offered   

  • Provide us you email address, and we will email you a SquareUp Invoice to login and pay online.

  • Call our office with your credit card handy, for us to manually process your payment at our Online store and email you a receipt.

  • Have us manually process your payment at our Online Store and email you a receipt during your next office visit.

  • Register and confirm prices with our front desk to pay at our ONLINE STORE as established patient. 


We thank you for your timely payment!!!