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VIDAFP Vitamin Clinic offers variety of Vitamin Injections (shots), see our Menu for details.

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What Are Benefits of Vitamin Tretments?

Immunity booster, Fat burning, Increased Energy and Metablism, Enhances Mental sharpness and concentration, Better Mood and Muscles Performance, Healthy nails, Less hair loos and Anti-Aging benefits, as well as decreases Cold and Flu symptoms duration.

Who Can recieve Vitamin injection?

Anyone can receive a vitamin injections for nearly all cases and health backgrounds, inculding diabetes, nephropahty, arthritis.

Is There a downtime after Vitamin injection?

No. You may go back to work immediately after a vitamin injections, but you may experience some soreness in the muscles that the vitamin was injected. You will have have more energy and better mood to get through your day and be more productive.

Is Vitamin Overdose possible?

Our vitamins are water soluble, therefore your body will absorb what it needs, and pass the extra vitamins through the urine.

How soon will I feel the benefits of vitamins?

Most people start feelings the effects of the vitamin injections within several hours.

How frequntly should I get vitamin shots for great skin?

Vitamin injection can help improve your overall skin appearance, and even lighten your skin tone, through (Glutathione +Vitamin C) combination. Your can recieve this injection as needed if you feel tired or sick no more than twice per week, or as series of injection on scheduled weeks.

Can We get Vitamin Shots When We are Sick?

Yes. Vitamin shots will help you fight the virus end decrease fatigue during sickness, and possbily shorten the duration of symptoms.

What are the Fees for Vitamin Therapy Consultation?

A. For Insured Patient $160, (billed to insurance),
    • unpaid ballance is patient responsibility.

B. For Uninsured patients $160 (Cash or Credit card payment),

Does Vitamin Consulation fee include vitamin shots prices.

NO. Vitamin shots price must be paid separately, see our menu.

Are Vitamin Levels tested and how is it paid?

Yes. We are able to check the vitamin levels of ( Vitamins - B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B12, C, D, E, K, CoQ10 ) through blood test. Please discuss with physician on recommended lab tests for you.

    • Fees for Vitamin levels lab tests, are paid separately from consultation fee.
    • Insured patients - billed to insurance,
    • Uninsured patients - Cash or Credit card payment.
    • Unpaid ballance for Vitamin Lab tests is patient responsibility.


VIDAFP Vitamin Clinic offers the opportunity to Learn about individual Vitamins and their food sources at our Info page.

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